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C Plus Plus Myro

The C Plus Plus API was developed for schools that wish to still use C++ as their base development language and provide interactive learning with scribbler robots. The API mimics the Myro API to the best of its ability. However, C++ has some limitations causing a few deviations.

The source is located at Myro C++ API and the doxygen documentation is located at Myro C++ API docs

New Features

The C++ API provides a VideoStream interface allowing you to use the camera as a webcam. Also, there is a Filter interface which allows you to perform image manipulation task in real time, such as picture in picture for blob tracking.

Examples: Picture in Picture, blob tracking This was created using a Filter designed to record gifs.

VideoStream TODO:

  • Need to allow filters to provide results in a thread safe manner to the user.
  • Allow for a more intuitive approach to creating and understanding image filters, so that labs can be built around real-time image processing.

Tested Environments

  • Ubuntu 8.04
  • g++ 4.2.3

Required Packages

  • libfltk1.1-dev
  • libmagick++9-dev

Note: If using Ubuntu 8.04 one can just use sudo apt-get install packagename to retrieve the desired package.


  • Implement a C++ flash. Currently Robots are prepared though Myro using upgrade("fluke") and upgrade("scribbler").
  • Make the API more user friendly and throw C++ exceptions rather than segfault under poor use.
  • Make the API window's compatible. Currently the serial connection is supported under POSIX.