Bluetooth Lowlevel Installation

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The rest of these instructions are for the low-level software. These should already have been done by your TA.

Scribbler Setup

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Scribbler Installation Screen
  1. On Windows, download and run scribbler.exe using a real serial cable connected to the Scribbler (will not work over the Bluetooth connection nor a serial-over-USB connection). Make sure the Scribbler is on. Click the "Download" button.
  2. Finally, you may need to setup the serial connection over Bluetooth. This is a multi-step process:
    1. There are two pieces: the transmitter/receiver on the Scribbler end, and the laptop's Bluetooth connection. First, the Scribbler's Bluetooth needs to be configured. This should have to be done only once.

Configuring Bluetooth-Serial Adapter (Initium Parani)

  1. Install the initium software from the CDROM. I installed the D:\Bluetooth_CDROM\Products\Parani_SD\setup_sd_conf-v1.0.0.exe program.
  2. Plug the Scribbler's Bluetooth initium into the computer's serial port. You will need to supply it power, so plug the USB power supply that it came with into its side. Make sure that it is turned on, and you can leave it on.
    The initium plugged into a serial port
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    Parani Installation Screen
  3. Use the dip switches on the outside of the device to set the baud rate to 38.4K and disable hardware flow control.
    1. The positions of the switches should be On, Off, On, Off.
  4. Power the device using the USB cord and connect it to the PC's serial port.
  5. Install and run the PromiWin software that ships with the device.
  6. Select "Mode 3" as the operating mode
  7. Turn off command response
  8. Turn on Authentication and give it a passkey. "1234" is a standard Bluetooth device default password. (There is a bug when there is no passkey).
  9. Optionally change the name of the device to something unique, like Scribbler-99
  10. Plug the initium into the Scribbler's serial port using the special cable.
  11. If your laptop has built-in Bluetooth, you can now configure it. Or follow the detailed instructions below for a specific device.

Alternate Belkin Bluetooth Adapter

  1. Plug the Belkin into a USB port
  2. It will create 4 hardware "serial" ports. Each one will trigger a configure from Windows. Don't Cancel those, but press Next, until Finish.
  3. Right-click the tooltray Bluetooth icon and start the Bluetooth device.
  4. Click the "My Bluetooth Places" icon on the desktop and click on the Wizard
  5. Select the first option, "I know the service and want to find a Bluetooth device"
  6. Turn on the Scribbler
  7. Select "Bluetooth Serial Port"
  8. Select "Show all devices" and select the "Myro". If you don't see it at first, search again. The initium should have a green power light, and the status light should blink green occasionally.
  9. Select "Myro" and click on "configure". Select one of the COM ports, such as COM7. Uncheck "secure connection".
  10. Click "Finish"
  11. Now, you can select "Myro Generic Serial" from "My Bluetooth Places"
  12. After this, you only need to:
  13. Plug in Belkin
    1. Start the bluetooth device
    2. select "Myro"