Bluetooth Setup for Calico Myro on Windows XP

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Set up your Robot

  • Insert 6 AA Batteries into the base of your Scribbler Robot.
    • Make sure these are new alkaline batteries or well-charged NiMH batteries!
    • Do not mix different types of batteries
    • Do not mix old batteries with new batteries
  • Before plugging in your Fluke, take note of the location of the Scribbler Robot's power switch: it's right next to the serial port on your Scribbler robot, near the words "Scribbler Robot"
  • Insert the IPRE Fluke into the serial port of the Scribbler Robot as shown in the picture below

Set up your Bluetooth Connection

  • Turn the scribbler power switch to on (on looks like a line | and off looks like a circle o). When you do so
    • The red power LED next to the power switch should turn on
    • The green Power LED on the fluke board should turn on
    • The scribbler should play a sound
  • If your computer doesn't have built in bluetooth, plug your Bluetooth USB Adapter into your computer
  • Open Bluetooth Devices in the Control Panel as follows: From the start menu, select start -> settings -> control panel -> bluetooth devices
  • In the Devices pane select the "Add..." button (Note: If you don't see an "Add..." button, make sure you're looking at the "Devices" pane -- is the "Devices" tab at the top of the Bluetooth Devices window selected?)
  • Follow the wizard selecting the scribbler device as follows:
    • Make sure you really did turn the scribbler on!
    • Select the "My device is set up and ready to be found" check box
Add bluetooth wizard screen1XP.jpg
    • Click Next; a flashlight should wave back and forth for a little while
Add bluetooth wizard flashlight XP.jpg
    • On your fluke board there should be a little sticker with a serial number on it. Make a note of that number
    • When the flashlight on the bluetooth stops waving back and forth, you should get a window that says "Select the Bluetooth device that you want to add" at the top, and under that, a list of one (or more) devices. Click on the device that starts with the letters IPRE and ends with the serial number on your fluke sticker and hit next
Add bluetooth wizard found devices XP.jpg
    • You should see a screen that says "Do you need a passkey to add to your device?" Select the option "Use the passkey found in the documentation", type 1234 into the textbox, and select next
Add bluetooth wizard passkey XP.jpg
    • Make a note of the outgoing COM port on the "completing" screen. It should be the letters "COM" followed by an integer
Add bluetooth wizard completionscreen XP.jpg
    • Click on the finish button
  • Back in the bluetooth devices window, you can always click on the "COM Ports" tab to bring you to the COM ports pane. Notice that the outgoing com port for your connection is also listed here. If you ever forget your outgoing COM port number, you can always check it by opening the "Bluetooth Devices" in the control panel again and selecting the "COM PORTS" pane.
Com port bluetooth device screen XP.jpg