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Lab 07: Introduction to Calico Graphics

First, read the following on calico graphics:

Then, you have your choice this week between two assignments:

  1. Create a "still life" representation of a real scene
  2. Create a visualization of some data

The first option should use the graphics objects (like Polygon, Rectangle, Circle, Line, etc) to construct a representation of a real place or scheme. It could be from nature (flowers, woods, etc), a still life (collection of objects in your room), places (buildings, scene), or people (faces, bodies). You should create and use functions to draw the elements of your scene (such as drawBottle, drawFace, drawEye, etc). Make your window be 500 x 500 pixels. This can be abstract or realistic.

The second option is two define a function called visualize that takes a list of numbers, and creates a visual representation of the information. For example, you might call it like:

visualize([34, 67, 89, 12, 8, 54])

You can then make it create a bar chart, pie chart, or something completely different. Do not use the built-in Plot function, nor copy any example. This should be your own idea on visualizing the information. The window size, colors, and design can be your own ideas. Goal: show data more clearly than just looking at a list of numbers.

Turn it:

  1. Your code
  2. An image of your representation (use print screen, or makePicture(window))
  3. A short paragraph describing what is is, or your ideas on visualizing

You will be graded at least partially on your artistic creation and its aesthetics.

BONUS: do both of these options