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Lab 3

CS380 Special Topics: Androids: Design and Practice

On each Linux workstation, the RobotStadium code from Webots is installed in /usr/local/webots

You can also install it on your own computer. See Luar for more details.

  1. Read Luar
  2. Trace through the code, both before it runs, and during a match
    1. start at UPennalizers/WebotsController/nao_team_1
    2. ls -al
    3. grep -i SEARCH files
    grep -i get_team_name */*.lua
    1. edit .lua files and insert print(...) statements
  3. make just one robot play
  4. focus on one of the following:
    1. vision
    2. FSM (Body, Game, and Head)
    3. shared memory
    4. low-level C libraries (UPennalizers/Lib)
    5. high-level Lua code (UPennalizers/Player/)
    6. Hack the code to allow multiple simultaneous players
  5. Document what you find on the Luar page
  6. Present your findings next week with a mini-PowerPoint presentation