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This page describes the downloading and running of the Calico Editor and Shell. The Calico IDE is a cross-platform environment for learning about computing. This is part of the Calico Project.


Once you have installed Calico and it is running fine, you can check here for upgrades. You just need to what is described below again to the Calico .zip file, removing the previous version.


To run Calico, you need to, in general, do these 4 steps:

  1. Install Mono Software
  2. Install Calico Software
  3. Install Optional Software
  4. Start Calico

You can follow the detailed installation instructions below for each of the major platforms.

Installing Mono, Calico, & Optional Software and Starting Calico

The following instructions help you to install Mono and the core Calico system. If you want to connect to a robot using Myro, read the next section below after you finish this step.

Optional: Using Calico with Robots

One of the uses of Calico is to control a Scribbler or Scribbler2 robots with a Fluke control board over Bluetooth wireless. To do so, you will need to:

  1. Setup a bluetooth wireless connection between your computer and the Fluke control board
  2. Upgrade the robot and Fluke firmware If you have an older robot or Fluke, then you will need to upgrade their "firmware". Firmware is software that is loaded once onto a device, and remains persistent even when you turn the device off. Both the Fluke and the Scribbler/Scribbler2 have firmware.
  3. Start Calico, import the Myro library, and make your robot move

If your instructor has upgraded your scribbler & fluke board for you, then you should just see the Calico_Myro_for_Students page.

Windows XP Instructions

Windows 7 Instructions

  • Setting up a bluetooth wireless connection on Windows 7 Video Tutorial
  • Installing and running the Firmware Upgrade tool on Windows 7 (including installing python, pyserial, and the upgrade tool as well as using it: Text Instructions and a Video Tutorial
    • Starting Calico, importing the Myro library, and make your robot move on Windows 7: Video Tutorial

Mac OSX Instructions

Linux Instructions