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A list of immediate and long term issues in the Calico Project. For a list of resolved issues, see Calico: Whats New.

This list (and those at the codeplex site) are being moved to our real bug-tracking system.


Please use:

for all new issues. Thanks!

Old Bug List

The following are the currently known issues in Calico. These are on the list to be fixed; however, none are deemed critical show-stoppers at this point. If you disagree, please write a note to the calico-users mailing list. If you have fixes for any of these, please do let us know. Thanks!

  1. Myro.dll: A shape's rotation value keep growing as you spin; should be able to modulo 360
  2. Graphics.dll: size of objects (width, height, radius, etc) does not reflect scaling, but needs to, right?
  3. Gtk can't open jpeg files on Windows? System.Drawing can, but as Windows Image. Appears to be fixed.
  4. Myro maybe should keep track of opening ports by name, so as to reuse them on reload. started In reality, this may not be a problem, because files are opened (eg, in Python) in a non-exclusive way (?)
  5. Reset shell should close_modules and init_modules
  6. Need regression testing framework
  7. Scheme: This does not work (Myro.timer) and crashes. FIXED. example (for-each print (Myro.timer 1))
  8. Scheme cannot get array element (Myro.getMouse); Workarounds: (map (lambda (v) v) (Myro.getMouse)) or (define m (Myro.getMouse)) (m.get_Item 0)
  9. Simulator window cannot currently be closed... needs to add robot Done
  10. sound does not Stop (sound = makeSound ('wavFile.wav'); sound.Stop())
  11. Graphics.dll: Shapes drawn on other shapes are not respected in Physics mode
  12. Windows Images report can't find GTK on windows.
  13. Need to document Myro Physics
  14. Need to document Myro setRegion
  15. savePicture(list, filename) will always save as a gif, no matter the filename. Need to raise an exception of the filename does not end in ".gif"
  16. a file named and saved during a calico shutdown will not be added to the "recent files" list Done
  17. Printing Jigsaw programs has not been implemented. Duplicate.
  18. Opening a Bluetooth serial port to robot on Linux fails on first attempt (Linux issue) Doug Harms has a system fix! (See
  19. Calico in non-English versions of Windows 7 fails on startup
  20. Calico C# is under development (working towards full language interpreter)
  21. Calico F# is under development (currently runs in separate process)
  22. Calico Dinah is under development (currently just a GUI)
  23. Calico Java does not display error line numbers
  24. To activate a language requires checking it (menu -> Calico -> Languages)
  25. Cannot currently upgrade a Calico installation; need to re-download
  26. Reseting shell may not clear everything (possibly leaves files/ports opened?)
  27. Breakpoints and single-stepping only works in Python, Scheme and Jigsaw Add specific languages, as needed
  28. Sometimes Calico saves an invalid config file (unconfirmed)
  29. Calico should test for errors on serial transmissions and resend the transmission if necessary
  30. Calico won't let you type lowercase letters with CapsLock on and holding Shift.
  31. Shapes drawn on shapes don't have Physics properties
  32. Shape.moveShape() only works on Polygons
  33. On Mac, Save dialog does not have focus in filename typing area (unconfirmed)
  34. Dialog windows are modal again (caused by rewrite of Invoke code)
  35. JigsawAttributes on Extension Methods don't seem to be respected (workaround... ignores class named Extensions)
  36. Jigsaw doesn't properly display a match in visible area (when top of workspace is scrolled up, off screen) when Find (match appears at same place as canvas, not where it should be visible)
  37. Florence on Mac: Arial font is not installed
  38. Jigsaw: Edit wiki help pages. Done.
  39. Jigsaw: Running parallel Jigsaw commands happens in serial, not parallel (For example, parallel Myro.wait(1) commands should occur together) Should these be run in the background? Currently, parallel blocks are synced (lock-step) but is that correct? Fixed (perhaps by running in background thread?)
  40. Jigsaw: Investigate and solve problem where Jigsaw eventually hangs if you leave a program running while in an error state
  41. Jigsaw: When loading a DLL, Jigsaw should alphabetize/sort on "NAME(PARAMETER, PARAMETER, ...)" so that shorter/similar items will be grouped together
  42. Jigsaw: When loading a DLL, Jigsaw should alphabetize/sort on "NAME(PARAMETER, PARAMETER, ...)" so that identical NAME+PARAMETERS can be skipped - duplicates are not needed
  43. Jigsaw: Do away with fixed number of arguments for procedure call and start blocks. Procedure call properties should have a dropdown listing all existing procedure start blocks.
  44. Jigsaw: When selecting a procedure name, argument properties should be added automatically.
  45. Jigsaw: Have properties window show properties of factory blocks as well block documentation.
  46. Jigsaw: Calico Dialogs need Window as first argument to center.
  47. Jigsaw: Currently there is a mismatched puzzle-piece connection between a end/break/exit bottom edge (which is flat) and the top of the ending C-shape (which has a left-side cut-out). Suggest that we make a right-hand side bump on bottom of end/break/exit and a top right-hand side cut-out of ending C-shape. The top ending C-shape cut-out not used (left or right) could then go away when attached.
  48. Jigsaw: Put "calico" in the scope; could expose a canvas.SetVariable(string, object); canvas.GetVariable(string), or perhaps canvas.Eval(string)... how could you run a Jigsaw proc from outside of Jigsaw?
  49. Jigsaw: Create event block tops to go with procedure start blocks.
  50. Jigsaw: Allow block diagrams to be printed. Partially completed.
  51. Jigsaw: when slider is all the way to right, it should be in single-step mode (currently is just at slowest setting)
  52. Jigsaw: Reset Shell didn't clear out previously defined procedures
  53. listOfPictures = makePicture("animated.gif") request
  54. is acting weird (window size?)
  55. tone.jig adding a scrollbar to window that already has one?! crash
  56. If you save a file on close, it isn't added to recently used
  57. add calico to Jigsaw dictionary
  58. need to refactor SimPioneer
  59. SimScribbler does not have set_blob_yuv
  60. Can't have two simulations?
  61. need to add Shape.z (start height, end height) Fixed.
  62. Check to see if "bitmap" works with lines, from a program. (Didn't work in
  63. Scheme: move slider to left, should allow click on pause button
  64. Scheme turned off the pause button?
  65. properly handled? --lang=LANG, --chat, --verbose, --reset?
  66. Printing gives error: Cairo.Context: called from finalization thread, programmer is missing a call to Dispose
  67. Tab completion [needs refinement]
  68. Chat stuff (register, login, blast, chat). I believe these are all implemented, except for chat commands (/join, /help, etc)
  69. Show old error Help button on error
  70. Detect that the file has changed outside of Calico
    1. Add glib.io_add_watch - watch to see if something else edits file
  71. Currently, the graphviz code doesn't parse node lines, so attributes about the shape of nodes is ignored. To fix, edit:
    1. modules/Graphics/Graphviz4Net.Core/Dot/AntlrParser/DotGrammar.g
    2. to add { AddNode(); } (see example like AddEdge).
  72. try to save to a read-only/link crashes Fixed.
  73. On close, need to wait for the Chat connection to finish No longer an issue.
  74. SpeechBubble((center), "text", (endpoint))
  75. Calico: Need to run code in an AppDomain rather than thread?
  76. Calico: options for toggle word wrap, linenumbers, others
  77. Calico: No backups made of files when saving
  78. Calico: No backups made during editing (autosave)
  79. Calico: Plugins (see the way that gedit handles plugins)
  80. Provide easy method to take surveys, quiz
  81. Log file for teacher analysis
  82. Provide student "Hint" links to wiki page on error
  83. Interactive instruction ala Classroom Presenter, but via chat
  84. Submit zipfile to teacher dialog (zipfiles written in src/
  85. Scheme: (robot.beep 1.0 400.0 400.0) needs to be floats? FIXED
  86. Scheme: doesn't raise exception on loading file. FIXED
  87. Dinah: Get working
  88. DLR: Can we run chiron and have our code run in web browser through Silverlight/Moonlight?
  89. Mono: Windows doesn't respond to treeview drags after Mono 2.6.4. Bug reported as: No longer needed, as we don't use drag-n-drop from TreeViews
  90. Jigsaw: 1/2 gives 0; should give 0.5 to match Calico Python Fixed, Mark Russo.
  91. Python: currently if you import another file, it does not use print_function, division, with_statement; you need to "from __future__ import ..." whichever of those you want. This probably can't change until we move all of the standard library to Python 3
  92. Jigsaw: if you double-click a "when script starts" it doesn't do all that Running a program does, and causes errors with procedures that were previously defined but then changed.
  93. Calico UI Shell: enter in middle of first complete row executes; enter not on bottom row inserts, not executes
  94. Calico UI: pressing the stop button when the running program tab is not selected does not stop the program---you need to select the tab first
  95. Calico UI: copy/paste doesn't work on languages that have sub-widgets, like Jigsaw. Calico UI should pass the copy/paste to Jigsaw and it should have the specific widget (canvas or Property list) handle the details Fixed, DSB, May 14, 2013.
  96. Calico UI: standardize all icons to the same across platforms, and make either relevant or abstract
  97. Jigsaw UI: need to be able to delete blocks without yes/no; make selected block delete with delete key.
  98. Jigsaw beep: not working on Mac. Need to rewrite using functions from Myro. Done. Also added beep(duration, freq) and beep(duration, freq1, freq2)
  99. Jigsaw print(item): should attempt to turn item into string if it isn't; even better would be to use Scheme.repr() to get a good string representation, regardless of type (array, list, etc)
  100. Missing Scheme primitives: round inexact? modulo integer? char->integer make-string vector-length string-set! output-port? current-output-port current-input-port read-char eof-object?
  101. Scheme: allow BigIntegers to be numerators and denominators of a Rational
  102. Scheme: can't get/set and it is too complicated.
  103. Myro/Robots/Scribbler.cs: arc(degrees, radius) does not update position and angle, yet
  104. Myro/Robots/Scribbler.cs: is there a way to get localization, x, y?

Feature Requests

The following isn't necessarily a list of future plans, but what users have requested. If you really like one, please mention it on the calico-users mailing list. That will be a vote for it!

  1. Consider using webcam interface emgu: (Started, see Calico Emgu.CV
  2. getGamepadNow("name") returned u'\u5355\u2042\u2d32\u7841\u7369\u3820\u422d\u7475\u6f74\u206e\u6147\u656d\u6170d\u2c00\u01e6\ufbfd\u2360\uffff\u8800\x16'
  3. need emacs mode
  4. object browser
  5. variable watcher. Workaround: See Globals and Locals tabs.
  6. SpeechBubble((center), "text", (endpoint))
  7. better string representations for objects in Python
  8. need more documentation
  9. Blob setting from clicks in window not implemented (there is a Python example that does this)
  10. configureBlob not implemented
  11. add configureBlobRGB to allow user to specify RGB values rather than YUV values for blob setting
  12. clicking on image does not display pixel location or RGB values Fixed for show()
  13. graphical_obj.friction working?
  14. attach button2 and button3 events
  15. mouse scroll button events
  16. mouse click will return list of objects hit
  17. Implement auto-indenting after a header statement is typed in the Python editor.
  18. add loadPicture(string) and loadPictures(string) which takes a file or url. (eventually remove from makePicture() forms) Done.
  19. Add a way to get help/documentation on module methods/classes. The standard way of doing this in C# is via triple-slash comments stored in XML. We could use this to generate documentation, and have more help in the Calico interface. See
  20. Jigsaw: not obvious how to add a library/module
  21. Jigsaw: Create redo / undo stack
  22. Jigsaw: Make tabs the same color as library blocks (Done, but can't see color when tab is selected (all white)).
  23. Jigsaw: Add a trash can widget to delete blocks.
  24. Jigsaw: Need a way to easily select filenames just once. Myro.pickAFile, Myro.pickAFolder can be used, but they would continue to ask. What if a property had "file" in the parameter name, then a drop-down arrow would appear which could allow a select file dialog?
  25. Jigsaw: Be able to collapse procedure block stack as well as main block stack
  26. Jigsaw: would be nice to edit properties in place, rather than in Properties Tab (consider using a Gtk widget next)
  27. Calico: Mac menu item shortcuts should be option-key-based rather than control-key-based
  28. Calico UI: Find and Replace (there is Find, but not Replace) Added.
  29. Calico UI: have tab take you from item to item, such as in Jigsaw's Properties rows. Added.