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Data Structures

You can create Data Structures by using the "DataStructures" module: menu -> Edit -> Use a module -> DataStructures.

DataStructure blocks as they appear in Jigsaw:

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There are two functions for creating an array: Array(type, size) and Array(type, spreadsheet). type is a string that is 'integer', 'string', or 'float'. size is an integer indicating the size. spreadsheet is the name of a CSV file from which to read the array. Data can be in row or column format.


The Dictionary function will create a dictionary, also known as a "hashmap", "hash table", "association table" etc.


The get function will retrieve data from your data structure.


The List function will create a List data structure.


The Set function will create a Set data structure. Note that Sets have no order, so you cannot get or set an item by position using get/set.


The set function will allow you to set an item in your data structure.


The Tuple function will create a read-only tuple data structure. Tuples are like Lists, but read-only.