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Graphics is a library for doing object-based drawings, animations, simulations, and games. The Calico Graphics library has been written to be used by any of the Calico languages. It was inspired by the Medicomp project by Mark Guzdial, Barbara Ericson; and by John Zelle's Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science textbook and the associated software.

Jigsaw can use any of the Graphics functions. You might find it helpful to view the Calico Graphics reference manual, although the syntax used there is for Python.

To use Graphics from Jigsaw:

  1. Open a Jigsaw script (new or a previously created one)
  2. Add the Graphics module: menu -> Edit -> Use a Module -> Graphics
  3. That will add a set of new Tabs on the left-hand side of the Jigsaw screen
  4. Drag different blocks onto the workspace

Here is a sample program using Graphics:


Here is the associated output from running that program: