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Processing is an interface for making art with computer programs. The original version of Processing was written in Java, but you will find that the API has been ported to JavaScript, Python, and perhaps other languages as well. Calico has a version of the Processing library which will work for any of the Calico languages.

Jigsaw can use any of the Processing functions. You might find it helpful to view the Calico Processing reference manual, although the syntax used there is for Python.

To use Processing from Jigsaw:

  1. Open a Jigsaw script (new or a previously created one)
  2. Add the Processing module: menu -> Edit -> Use a Module -> Processing
  3. That will add a set of new Tabs on the left-hand side of the Jigsaw screen
  4. Drag different blocks onto the workspace

Here is ladybug2.jig available from the menu -> File -> Examples -> Jigsaw -> ladybug2.jig:


Here is the output of running that program: