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  1. To focus properly, the lens needed to be nearly screwed in as much as possible (but not too much).
  2. The test dongle had a Bluetooth device name of "BorgDongle" with password 1234
  3. Python code requires numpy, a 2 MB install

Viewing Details

  1. closest ground that camera can see is 8" in front of robot
  2. at 8" distance from camera, the view is 7.5" in width, 6" in height (3.5" to left, 4" to right)
  3. image is transfered as a VYUY image
  4. 256x192 (49,152 bytes) image takes 1.8 seconds to transfer over Bluetooth, another .7 seconds to convert
  5. every byte is converted into a RGB triplet

Sample Images

All of the following images are 256x192.

Here are two images that show the quality and range of colors:

Glass.gif Colors.gif

There is a strange ghosting that can be seen better in low light:


In fact, here is an image when the lens is completely blocked:


We might want to show these to students in a window a bit larger, perhaps scaling times 2:


Any larger, and pixelation would be too great.

Installing New Firmware

To upgrade the Borg Dongle you'll need 2 cables:

  1. 1 A null modem serial cable with 2 female connectors.
  2. 2 the wall adapter.

Plug the power in and the green power light on the dongle should light up. Next connect the null modem cable to your PC serial port and the other end to the serial connector on the dongle.

To download new firmware you need to use the modified lpc21isp program. The modification to lpc21isp is small (it just inverts one pin). Compile this (on linux or windows) and run the following command. You will need to replace /dev/tty.usbserial with your serial port (e.g. COM1, /dev/ttyS0)

./lpc21isp -control main.hex /dev/tty.usbserial 38400 20000