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Choregraphe in use. Note the simulated NAO on the right.

Choregraphe ('choreograph' in French) is the programming software used with the Nao robots. Developed by Aldebaran Robotics, the same company that developed the Nao, Choregraphe is a graphic interface that allows users to control their robots.


Choregraphe comes with a preset library of behaviours, but also allows user to create their own, called boxes and save them in a personal library.

Methods and Languages

Choregraphe uses the 'drag and drop' method of programming, making it easy for beginners. It supports Urbi and Python, can directly call C++ modules, and is compatible with the simulators like Microsoft Robotics Studio and Webots from Cyberbotics (allowing user to test their programs on one or multiple Naos).

This page will be updated as we explore the program ourselves.

Built in Commands

Changing Voice

  • Choregraphe > Drag the 'say' box onto the main workspace > Click the wrench icon > click 'Voice Shaping' > Adjust sliding bar

Tracking Targets

  • Choreographe > under the Box List, open the 'Tracker' menu
    • For watching a target, > drag 'WB (Whole Body) Tracker' box onto the main workspace > click GreenGears.jpg > click 'Play'
    • For following a target, > drag 'Walk Tracker' box onto the main workspace > click the wrench icon > click 'Set Target'

Creating your own Movements

Choreographe > Box List > Templates > drag 'Animation' into the main workspace > double click 'Animation'

  • Click on a frame in the timeline other than 1 (ie. 10 as in the screenshot below).


Method 1

  • Click on the desired joint and new window will open.
  • Manually adjust the desired position using the slide. Then press the two record buttons.
  • Select new time frame and repeat as needed till motion accomplished.


Method 2

  • Position the REAL NAO as desired (Motors should not be enslaved).
  • Chain the motors.
  • Right Click > Store joints in keyframe > select desired option (whole body, arms, head and etc.)
  • Unchain the motors.
  • Select new key frame and repeat manual movements till desired motion is accomplished.

Recognizing objects

NAO has to be connected

Choreographe > View > Video Monitor > Play.jpg > Place object in front of the NAO Camera > Learn.jpg > Outline the object to learn

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