Class 5: April 4, 2008

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Today we wanted to introduce the concepts of loop and conditionals to the students. We did this by taking their computers and robots away and designing a game that consisted of 4 sections. There four sections were: Math, Robot Review, General Knowledge, and Fun Center. The class was divided into three small groups and assigned to a center each, except for the fun center. They would then move around and switch sections. They would only be able to go into the fun center once they had been to each of the other three sections. We explained the programming concepts briefly to the class and then handed them the board game rules which were written in 'Python'. They looked like this:

def general_Rules:
while time < 30 mins:
		play game

if num < 4:
		go to general_Knowledge center
else if num > 4 and num < 11:
		go to robot_Review center
		go to Math center

def fun_Center:
if people >= 4:
		wait or go to another center
if general_Knowledge == pass:
		go to another center

loop(throw, 10):
		if success >= 1:
			 go to another center

def robot_Review:
	if people > 6:
		wait or go to another center
	loop(instruct, 2):
		instruct your partner to follow robot commands 2 times
# Commands to use:
#  - movements
#  - speak
#  - setName

def general_Knowledge:
	if people >= 4:
		wait or go to another center
	students answer questions in a group
	if rightAnswers >= 5:
		you can now to to the fun center whenever you want

def math:
	if people >= 5:
		wait or go to another center
	x = chit.pick()					# pick a chit
	operator = operator.pick()			# pick a operator (+ - * /)
        moveForward(x operator dice roll)		# do math calculation and 
                                                # move forward that many squares
                                                # example: x = 8, operator = /, 
                                                # dice roll = 4 so moveForward(8/4)

        if x.digits > 1:	# if the #number of digits in x is more than 1
	digits.add()				# add the digits together. Example: 25 will be 2+5 = 7


Here are the survey results and feedback from that class:

- 30% enjoyed the fun center the most. 30% also enjoyed playing in all of the centers.
- Robot Review was the least favorite center - 40% least liked that center.
- 40% liked this class more than last week's class. 30% did not.
- 90% were excited to get their robots back next week.

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