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Myro 2.0

  1. Only use JPEG in myro >= version 2.7.8
  2. Zelle's graphics compatibility
    1. Colors are names
    2. Color objects and Zelle Colors should work together
    3. Color should take a string
  3. timeRemaining() can be buggy when ctrl-c and starting again (timer might be stored in dictionary)
  4. Emergency keyboard stop

Fluke (Beyond Scribbler)

  1. getAll for just scribbler sensors
  2. Push motor flip into scribbler server
  3. Make it echo serial bytes from startup
  4. Myro access to Fluke I2C hacker port


  1. Document Fluke/Scribbler bytecodes
  2. Text book index
  3. Gamepad handout - #'s on pictures are off
  4. Handout should mention plugging the fluke into the scribbler
  5. Rechargeable battery links (batteries and chargers)
  6. More on Gamepad

Install CD

  1. PIL/Imaging name mismatch on install CD for Mac OS X
  2. Save TTS voice on the robot