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Chapter 9

  1. Play find the pyramid. Program your robot to search the room for a giant orange pyramid, and then see how close it can get to the pyramid without running into it.
  2. Think of another visual effect used in photo edition software (edge blur, sepia tone, etc.) and write a program to use it on a photo.

Chapter 10

  1. Think of another game that a computer could play well, and create some strategies for it to use.
  2. Write a program to play tic-tac-toe, checkers, mastermind, or some other game against a human opponent.
  3. What else could a simple AI be programmed to do? Describe the method you would use to program it.
  4. Write a program that takes commands like "go forward", "turn left", "turn right", "go backward", and "turn around" and tells the Scribbler to do these things.

Chapter 11

  1. Extra Credit: If a door-to-door salesperson is trying to find the route that costs the least but gets them to every house in a town and then back to where he started. The salesperson knows how much the gas will be for any given route. Find an algorithm in polynomial time that will give them such a route. (Who knows, somebody might think of one.) Alternatively, given a map, find an algorithm in polynomial time which either colors the map with 3 colors such that no adjacent countries are the same color, or proves that no such coloring exists.
  2. Look up P, NP, and NP-complete online. What are some NP-complete problems, and why are they helpful in the effort to prove that P=NP?

Chapter 12

  1. Look up some humanoid robots online. What features help them appear humanoid? What features would you add to make them appear humanoid? Is it better for them to appear humanoid or to act like humans?