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from myro import *

  This program causes the robot to "explore" the room.  The robot starts moving forward, and when it
  hits a wall (i.e., it stalls) it stops, backs up a bit, turns a bit, then continues moving forward.
  The program stops when 1 minute is up.
  @author Douglas Harms 

initialize( )

#start moving forward
forward( 0.7 )
# keep executing for 1 minute
startTime = currentTime()
endTime = startTime + 60*1000
while currentTimeMillis() < endTime:
    if getStall(): 
        #we must have hit something so stop, backup a bit, turn, and continue
        backward( 0.4, 1.0 )
        turnLeft( 0.5, 0.75 )
        forward( 0.7 )
 #stop the robot and close