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- Students can enter the Bryn Mawr College home, The GA Tech home, the IPRE home or the reference from the first page which looks like this:

Web Home.jpg

- When it is the student’s first time on the page, they will need to register to enter the robot community. After entering their school home page, they can click the following: New to the robot community? Click here to start your own robot page! Then, they will be directed to the edit page. (This will be expanded on later). - The school home page will have a list of the robots in the robot community. Once a student has made changes to make their robot page for the first time, they will be added to the list under “Meet the Robots:”. It will have a “What’s new?” box. This box will have three things:

  1. The Forum: Students can add their thoughts about the robots or problems that they are facing with the robots in this forum. It can act like a help page where other students who have faced the same problems may be able to help. Students have to log in to add to the forum and as students add things, the forum will be updated on the school home page.
  2. The picture gallery: this box will have the latest photos that students have added. Below the pictures, there will be a caption “Added by <ROBOT NAME>. This will also be a link to that specific robot.
  3. Finally, the box will have the latest assignment posting.

- Once the student has logged in, the LOG IN button will change to LOG OUT. - The school home page will look like this:

School Page.jpg

- When students first enter their home page, they can write in the HTML text box to make changes. They will have an empty picture gallery. They will have an option of whether or not they want a copy of the forum on their page. Once they have added the forum, the option will change to remove the forum from their page. - When the students want to add photos, they need to first click the edit option. Then in the edit mode, they can add more photos. A dialog box can be used to browse and upload photos? - If the student wants the chat box to show on their home page, they can click the option – I don’t know how we would add this? Once they have added the chat, the option will change to remove the chat from their page. - Students can choose to have their robot name revolve at the top. There can be a single word revolving or multiple names. - Students have the option of having a profile picture apart from their picture gallery. - Students will be directed to their robot home once they click "Make my Robot Page!" - The student edit page will look like this:


- The last page is an example of the way a robot page may look if the student adds all the options. Students can click the edit option to go back to the Edit page. This is how it can look:

Robot Page.jpg