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IPRE documentation for the 2011 SIGCSE Robot Hoedown & Rodeo

Introduction to the Scribbler Robot with IPRE Fluke

These instructions combine the Scribbler robot from Parallax with the Fluke add-on board developed by the Institute for Personal Robots in Education (IPRE).

Hoedown & Rodeo Challenges for this Robot

  • 30 Minute Square Dancing Challenge
  • 30 Minute Teleoperated Robot Roping Challenge
  • 45 Minutes Bull Fighting Challenge
    • Acting like the bull, find and charge the red El Matador
  • 60 Minute Autonomous Robot Roping Challenge
  • 60 Minute Silent Robot Western Challenge
    • Program your robot to collect some footage using the robot's camera (takePicture()) store the images in a list and make a silent western.

Key Information about this Robot

You can use a variety of software with the Scribbler+Fluke, include C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Sympl (a Lisp-like language) and Boo.

  1. What's in the box that you get at the hoedown and rodeo
    • Scribbler Robot
    • IPRE Fluke
    • USB Bluetooth adapter
    • 6 AA Batteries
    • Gamepad
    • Rope
  2. How to install the software on your laptop
    • Python - Python 2.4-only Myro prototype
    • C++
    • Java
    • Pyjama - including Python, Ruby, Scheme, Boo, Lisp, and C#
  3. An introduction to the sensors, robot, and Fluke
  4. Overview of Language/Environment
  5. Annotated sample code