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This page is designed to help coordinate getting Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio running under Mono, the open source .NET implementation.


  1. Some needed functions have not been implemented yet


From lonifasiko:

We've simply run Moma against CCR and DSS related
libraries, and as expected, some errors were detected, some of them were
"MethodNotImplemented" errors for example.

Thus, although we have not tried yet, supposed our robotics service was not
going to run correctly under a Linux+Mono enviroment seeing that there were
errors under these important libraries needed to run robotics services.

The second step was to extract these assemblies code using Reflector for
.NET utility, and try to compile them under Visual Studio, a really hard
task, believe me, cause there are some really strange dependencies we
haven't still solved. We've first checked compiling these assemblies under
Visual Studio just to try if compilation was easy enough to then compile it
under Mono, but as I tell you, at the moment we've abandoned the task.