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General notes

  • These instructions have worked for all of my students that have tried them. Nonetheless, they were written by someone who never uses a Mac and the sample size is still small. Please email with any feedback!
  • You'll need to be connected to the internet the whole time you follow these directions in order for them to work.

Step 1: Install xcode

I didn't have to do this step because xcode is already on my machine so I can't give you too many details. But here's what I think should work.

  • Get a copy of xcode:
    • xcode comes on the Mac OSX OS/recovery disk that you probably got with your laptop. It's faster to install it from the dvd if you have it than to download the big package
    • People who have upgraded to Snow Leopard can find it on their Installation disc.
    • Alternatively, go to and click on the mac dev center button. You will need to have an apple ID - the web site will try and sell you one for $99 but if you have any normal apple ID (such as used by iTunes) it will also work without having to pay for a developer account. Download Xcode version 3 for Mac OSX 10.6 (SnowLepoard). If you have Mac OSX 10.7, use the Macintosh App Store to download Xcode 4 (it is free).
  • Install it on your machine
  • MAKE SURE you select the optional "Unix Development Support" when you install.

Step 2: Install macports

  • Go to and download the Snow leopard DMG for Mac OSX 10.6, or the Lion DMG for Mac OSX 10.7. (The current version of macports is 2.0.3, the screenshot below shows an older version. Use the latest version available.)
Xcode window.jpg
  • double click on MacPorts .pkg
Macports security.jpg
  • select continue
  • say continue a bunch of times, agree to the license and then click install
  • wait a while. It promised me less than a minute but it sure seemed longer
  • Hopefully you get a message that says it was successful and click ok

Step 3: Download myro

Mac downloads.jpg

Step 4: Start the terminal and do the install

  • Double click on the SnowLeopard folder. Inside should be a few things, including myro-2.8.14 and instructions.txt
Mac snowleopard folder.jpg
  • Click on the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen, and type terminal into the spotlight window.
Spotlight terminal.jpg
  • start the terminal program
  • type cd and then the path to the folder that has your myro stuff in it. In my case that was
    • cd Downloads/SnowLeopard/
Mac terminal with cd.jpg
  • Now type sudo ./
  • It will ask you for your password, just give it your normal password
Mac terminal after sudo.jpg
  • it will scroll lots and lots and lots of text. What you see on the picture above is just the start. Sit back and relax ....
  • Then sit back some more. Try not to get agitated. It takes a while ...
  • Think happy thoughts. Be glad you don't have to do each of these steps manually!!
  • Oh my gosh, nix that, go watch a TV show, read the paper, walk the dog ... surely it was at least half an hour, if not more!

Setup your robot's bluetooth connection

  1. Attach the IPRE Fluke to the scribbler
  2. Turn on the scribbler
  3. Click on the bluetooth icon in the upper right of your toolbar, select "Set up Bluetooth Device"
  4. Follow the wizard, select "Any device" as the device type
  5. Select the IPRE-XXXXXX where XXXXXX is your Fluke's serial number
  6. Enter the Passkey/PIN code (1234)
  7. From the bluetooth menu in the toolbar select "Open Bluetooth Preference"
  8. Highlight the IPRE bluetooth connection name
  9. Select Edit Serial Ports (little gear picture)
    1. Add a serial port to the Fluke via the "+" button if you don't have one already
    2. If you already have a serial port listed, change the port name to "scribbler" all lowercase
    3. Click Apply
  10. Select Edit Serial Ports again
    1. Select the "Require pairing for security" button
    2. Click Apply
  11. You should now have a device like "/dev/tty.scribbler" that is the serial port to the scribbler. Confirm the actual name using the terminal application.

Start Python and Myro

    1. Start Python: Go to the magnifying glass on the top right corner of the screen again, and this time type idle into the spotlight. Select "IDLE-Snowleopard which should be in there now"
    1. At the Python prompt enter:
 from myro import *

Once connected, upgrade the fluke firmware and the scribbler

  1. At the Python prompt enter:

If you get an RFCOMM error, go back to the Bluetooth Menu

  1. Click "Disconnect"
  2. Click "Edit Serial Ports"
    1. Select the "Require pairing for security" button
    2. Click Apply
  3. In Python: