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Meet Mini Hubo, a small, humaniod robot based on an original, full scale humanoid design by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). The original Hubo was replicated and scaled smaller in size by RoMeLa at Virginia Tech since not everyone has the funds or resources to have their own life-size humanoid walking around the lab; Dr. Hong and his students created a more accessible version. The goal of Mini Hubo is to serve as an affordable and open-ended research platform to expand knowledge in the human robotics field.


  • USB2 Dynamixec
  • PC2 (same computer)
  • UBUNTU (operating system)
  • Dynamixels – “motors”/"servos"/"activator" - RX-28 by Robitis


(Three dimensions: 1. Roll-left&right; 2. Pitch-forth&back; 3. Yaw-rotate;)

  1. LSP -> Left Shoulder Pitch
  2. LSR -> Left Shoulder Roll
  3. LSY -> Left Elbow Yaw
  4. LEP -> Left Elbow Pitch
  5. RSP -> Right Shoulder Pitch
  6. RSR -> Right Shoulder Roll
  7. RSY -> Right Shoulder Yaw
  8. REP -> Right Elbow Pitch
  9. HY -> Hip Yaw
  10. LHY -> Left Hip Yaw
  11. LHR -> Left Hip Right
  12. LHP -> Left Hip Pitch
  13. LKP -> Left Knee Pitch
  14. LAP -> Left Ankle Pitch
  15. LAR -> Left Ankle Roll
  16. RHY -> Right Hip Yaw
  17. RHR -> Right Hip Roll
  18. RHP -> Right Hip Pitch
  19. RKP -> Right Knee Pitch
  20. RAP -> Right Ankle Pitch
  21. RAR -> Right Ankle Roll

To Start On Linux:

  1. Open Linux on PC2 through "Applications-Accessories-Terminal"
  2. Enter: cd aces/
  3. Enter: source utils/
  4. Enter: aces-launcher src/orocosScripts/mini-hubo-3.ops
  5. Movement command ex: RSP.go(0) The variable in the parameter is in Pi.
  6. Walk command: