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There are four different Tam-Tam programs for music:

Tam-Tam Jam/ Drum Kit

  • Drag icons to boxes to have them play together as a song
  • Combine different sounds for different songs

Tam-Tam Edit

  • Colored bars next to instruments play sounds that can be combined to make songs
  • Bars can be dragged to different instruments, can be elongated
  • Pen tool draws new bars
  • Paint tool puts a bar wherever the mouse is placed

Tam-Tam Synthlab

  • Combine different parameters to make sounds that can be played in succession to make songs
  • Icons can be dragged to the workspace with mouse
  • Blue Icon = settings for the sound (harmonizer, chorus, etc)
  • Green Icon = change quality of the sound (harsh, soft, etc)
  • Yellow Icon = actual sounds; must be put at end of chain
  • Icons connect to each other via small dots on each icon (red dots to red dots, yellow dots to yellow dots)
  • Different paths/patterns create different sounds
  • Play sounds by pressing letter keys -- each key is a different note
  • Sounds can be changed by altering icon settings, slider positions, location/connections of icons

Tam-Tam Mini

  • Press sound buttons to make sounds
  • Sounds depend on picture on the square pressed
  • A few buttons can can create background beats that can be affected by tempo settings, etc; other buttons just play singular sounds

Other Random Features

  • Record option available for every program (except Mini)
  • Pre-loaded playlists/songs already available; can be edited and altered by user

Problems Found

  • Poor speaker quality (Synthlab made creepy cracking noises if the sounds made were too much for the speakers)
  • Tam-Tam Edit and Synthlab were hard to figure out because of a lack of directions, help feature, etc