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Installing Myro-Java

1) Install JDK (
   MacOSX Note: JDK is on the System Installation Disc, under dev tools.  The
   package is XCode.

   Linux Note: on Linux systems openjdk is often installed, but this doesn't play
   nicely with BlueJ, so installing Sun's JDK is necessary.

2) Install BlueJ (
   Note: On Linux systems be sure to select Sun's JDK, not openJDK, during BlueJ
3) Copy the .jar files and library files based on your system.  These files, 
   along with instructions, are contained in the Binaries folder.

NOTE: If I haven't supplied pre-compiled binaries for the scribbler-rxtx driver (e.g., rxtxSscribblerSerial.dll,, etc.) that work on your system, you can build your own from source in the
scribbler-rxtx-devel folder.  Brief instructions for various platforms are included as README files.  Please let
me (Doug Harms) know if my supplied binaries don't work since I'd like to include working ones in futire
distributions.  I can be contacted at .