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Here are some examples of Myro/Python programs.

  • DanceDemo.cpp This program has the scribbler perform a simple dance routine.
  • Explore.cpp This program has the scribbler move forward until it hits an obstacle, then it backs up, turns, and moves forward again. It stops after 1 minute.
  • Flute.cpp This program uses the three light sensors as "keys" on a flute.
  • ImageDemo.cpp This program captures an image from the scribbler and displays it. It also creates and displays some images with simple effects (e.g., negative, edge-enhanced, etc.).
  • VideoStream_Filters.cpp This program demonstrates the VideoStream Ability of the Myro-C++ library, as well as shows how to create a Filter for the VideoStream, and demonstrates its ability to be added & removed, on the fly.

All of the examples, as well as an Example Makefile to build them, are available here(zip).

Many Other Demo_Programs

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