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This page is for resources connected to Bryn Mawr College's PIRE Humanoid Research Activities.


  • RJ's Blog
  • Rob Ellenberg's Robonova page
  • Daniel Lofaro's page
  • PyroRobotics.com: Best resource for learning how to use Pyro, and a good resource for learning about neural networks and robot behavior through simulations as well as real-life robot programming.
  • Microsoft Robotics: Home page of MRDS. The tutorials are pretty good, and the forums are your best bet for finding out how to do everything else.
  • RoboSavvy Forums: Provides extensive information about the Robonova-1, its software, and its hardware. A must-read for anyone working with the robot.
  • Hacking the Fluke - details on the Fluke and how to communicate with robots through it.


Project Notes