Scribbler Setup

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This page describes the setup of the Scribbler robot from Parallax for use with the Myro software.

If you have the IPRE Fluke and it is already setup, then you need only Start Python and issue the following commands if using CPython/myro:

>>> from myro import *
>>> upgrade("scribbler")

If you are using Calico with the Myro module, the upgrade function is in a different module:

>>> from firmwareupgrade import upgrade
>>> upgrade("scribbler")

However, if you are not using the IPRE Fluke, you can connect to the scribbler with the serial cable that comes with the robot. Download the Scribbler Server source code, compile and load it from Parallax's BASIC Windows program that came with your robot. Or use BST to load the firmware (BST runs on mac, linux and windows).