Sept 25, 2007

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buy WowWee robot
 - need to buy infrared device (perhaps from RadioShack: X-10) to connect WowWee to computer
augment Myro? or need 3D graphics?

 - send email to Barbara with proposed date
 - email Mona Ezra
   + teacher at Haverford School district
   + wants to get robots to Middle Schoolers

To Do:
1. send WowWee url to Doug to buy
2. finish IRB forms: 1st Draft Completed
3. email Barbara
4. email Mona Ezra
5. respond to Prof Donnay and JD : DONE
6. write the pre and post survey questions
7. write the consent forms (for the kids and the parents)
8. list of schools in the area
9. write letter to head of schools

Things to Do

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