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Dial the Stargate!

by Alex Spear and Emma DiQuinzio


For those of you not familiar with Stargate (either the movie or the T.V. show) the basic premise is this A Stargate is a ring-shaped alien device that creates a wormhole through space that allows travelers to enter into one Stargate and emerge from another one on a different planet. Travelers can set their destination using a DHD (Dial Home Device) similar to a telephone dial or touch pad (although much larger), the DHD is used to specify which other Stargate to connect to when opening a gate or wormhole to another location. The external symbols on the DHD represent star constellations, surrounding the central activation button.

--Taken from the Stargate Wikia

The aim of our project is to recreate a DHD with all of the buttons that when dialed correctly will bring up an image of the alien planet that has been dialed. We also hope to include a of speed dial, or auto dial, that will take the guess work out of dialing a planet by doing it for you.

Screen Shots:


So Far:

We Have Accomplished:

1) Creating all of the buttons

2) Assigning Glyphs to all of the buttons

3) Writing text for the instructions

We Have Learned:

1) How to make buttons

b) and how to move them

2) How to edit and replace the background

The Next Step:

1) Making the dialing (or at the very least the auto dial) work

2) Adding the instructions