Summary July 2-6

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-Looked briefly over Myro Source Code and Surveyor website.

-Continued work on mazeDoer program.

-Wrote blog in response to Mansi’s about battery status informing.

-Began wallFollower program, and worked on improvements. -In implementing the program, felt that there were problems with the SRV1’s IR sensors. So, we tested the IR sensors and found they were generally unsatisfactory, although the front one seemed fine. Also, discussed SRV1’s camera sensor.

-Attempted Scribbler chat together, but couldn’t get it to work.

-Read and took notes on the CS1 student essays (this was quite fun but also took a long time!). Began to write an essay summarizing my findings. Essentially, it highlights common themes I found in the essays, which can inform us about the CS1 course.

-Added articles to the database.

-Blog entry about Alice. Looked over Alice Source code. Familiarized myself with Stagecast (similar to Alice).