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This page is being used as a place to coordinate plans for adding Tabs to IDLE, the editor that comes with Python.

All features and functionalities should be designed in a manner consistent with the goals of Python. That is, features and functions should be easy and intuitive for the beginner, but powerful and useful for the more experienced.

If you would like to edit this page, make an account and email dblank at cs dot brynmawr dot edu.


  1. Tabbed editing windows
  2. Backwards compatible with earlier versions of Python


  1. Window?
    1. tabbed in a different window from interpreter
    2. tabbed in same window as interpreter
    3. configurable?
  2. What library will handle the tabs?
    1. Tal's TabbedPages (need links or information)
    2. Tix
    3. Tkinter widgets
    4. other

Prototype Screenshots

Tabbed IDLE Image