Towards Open Ended Emergence

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The kind of emergence I am interested in is between Quantum and Consciousness. What I'll call the Rabbit Level.

  • Nothing outside the system
  • Nothing random, per se
  • Nothing mysterious, per se
  • No "mental"; all "physical"
  • Simple rules at the bottom
  • I "understand" it completely---there is nothing left to explain at the lowest level

Evolution of Simulated Robots

Where to begin? What examples do we have in the "real world"? Evolution. All of the examples that I am interested in have been created by evolution. Can we simulate this?

  1. Framework
  2. Early Attempts
    1. Evolving a robot to not hit walls
    2. Evolving a robot to move
    3. Evolving a robot to move in meaningful ways
    4. Evolving a robot with open ended tasks
  3. Evolution will often find a simple shortcut so that it doesn't have to solve the task
    1. The case of the delayed signal task


  1. Emergence of Communication
  1. Can a robot have free will in this world?
    1. Yes, insofar as it is as much as we do
  2. How does evolution create emergent phenomena?
    1. Still physics all the way down
    2. "It" uses/arranges/manipulates the physics
  3. It is just physics

A strange loop, indeed.