UNLP September 2008

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La Plata - September 3-4


The IPRE Textbook is Free

Myro supports graphics objects (see our quick reference here: media:myro_graphics_reference.pdf ) which are based upon the graphics objects found in the book Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science by John M. Zelle Amazon Link

Myro supports raster pictures made up of pixels and pixel operations that use the same syntax as found in the book Introduction to Computing and Programming in Python, A Multimedia Approach by Mark Guzdial [Amazon Link]

Handouts Media:PytonCrashCourse.ppt Media:Intro1.ppt Media:Intro2.ppt Media:advanced_python.ppt

Camera/Vision and Graphics tutorial

 Handouts: Slides media:myro_graphics_reference.pdf

Example Code

A Shiny Head face: Media:face_example.pyw


Very detailed face of Super Mario Media:face_example3.pyw

Simple robot movement behaviors: Media:runAway.pyw

Code to do computer vision from a camera image Media:imageProcessing.pyw A image for use with the imageProcessing.pyw code: Media:bag.jpg