Using SVN

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To work with the source from SVN, you will need a SVN client. These are available for all platforms. For Windows, try TortoiseSVN.

Read-only Access

To check out a read-only copy of the repository:

$ svn co myro
$ cd myro

To submit changes, please make a patch file:

$ svn diff file > name-of-fix.patch

And post the fix on the issue:

Read/Write Access

To be able to commit changes back to the repository, you need to check out the read/write version:

$ svn co myro
$ cd myro

Useful Commands

See status:

$ svn stat

See differences between your version and version in repository:

$ svn diff

To commit changes:

$ svn commit -m "This is a check-in message detailing what has changed"

You can add files to any of these commands as well, such as:

$ svn stat file1.txt src/program.cs
$ svn diff file1.txt src/program.cs

To browse through revisions and a history of all changes, see [1]