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This page describes a series of experiments performed in the PhD thesis Learning to See Analogies: A Connectionist Exploration, by Doug Blank and available here.

This work was originally done in 1997. The experiments have been re-done and documented here using the pyrobot.conx Python library for neural networks.

Visual Analogies

The following experiments require a recent Pyrobot version 5.0.2 or above, and the files in

For more information on the Python conx neural network simulator, please see:

To get started:

  1. Unzip the files into a directory, say visual-analogies
  2. You may need to set your PYTHONPATH environment variable to include the pyrobot directory
  3. run python -i

You can interrupt the processing (control+c) and interactively explore the processing:

>>> n.interactive = 1
>>> n.propagate(input=all(letters[i]), 

More soon... see the file for more details.