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This page contains current (and past) survey instruments used by IPRE for evaluation. We also include example consent forms, and training material.

DISCLAIMER: It is important to note that the PDF consent forms and survey instruments that have been approved by the Georgia Tech Institute Review Board are only approved for use on the GaTech campus and on certain partner campuses that do not have their own IRB and have been included in the Georgia Tech IRB approval process. You are free to use the assessment instruments here for your own instructional assessment purposes without IRB approval, but the results must not be shared with us or other individuals outside of your school and may not be published without approval from your Institute Review Board (or similar body). For assistance with the application of these survey instruments, or obtaining study approval from your IRB, please contact Jay Summet (summetj at the domain If your institute does not have an IRB we will be happy to include you in our IRB protocol.

Fall 2008 Materials:

>== Consent Forms ==

Full Study Consent form: Media:irb-approved-consent-form-spring08.pdf

Survey Only Consent Form: Media:irb-approved-consent-form-wodoc.pdf (does not require documentation of consent)

Template Form: Media:consentform.odt


RobotsNon-Robots (Control)
Beginning of Class: Media:fall08-boc-robots.pdfMedia:fall08-boc-nonrobots.pdf
End of Class: Media:fall08-eoc-robots.pdfMedia:fall08-eoc-nonrobots.pdf

Note that we have an online version of the above paper surveys avaliable. If you would like to distribute the electronic survey instead of the paper based survey, please contact Jay Summet.

Longitudinal Tracking Form (per-student data collection): Media:student-data.pdf

Survey Recruitment PowerPoint and Script: Media:student_recruitment.ppt Media:script.pdf

Data Collection Instructions: Media:data_collection.ppt

Publication/Data Policy for Partner Sites

You are free to use the data you help us collect for your own research/publications. We will of course be reporting on how our CS1 with robots courses do at various schools (we are attempting to enroll multiple institutions in our study). You are welcome to use the data from your class to write an experience report for SIGCSE or other publication independently of our publication efforts as long as you comply with our IRB protocol (reporting only anonymous data, and aggregate data, etc).

Older materials

Spring 2008 surveys:

RobotsNon-Robots (Control)
Beginning of Class: Media:spring08-boc-robots.pdfMedia:spring08-boc-nonrobots.pdf
End of Class: Media:spring08-eoc-robots.pdfMedia:spring08-eoc-nonrobots.pdf