Bluetooth Setup for Calico Myro on Mac OSX

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If you get an RFCOMM error, go back to the Bluetooth Menu

  1. Click "Disconnect"
  2. Click "Edit Serial Ports"
    1. Select the "Require pairing for security" button
    2. Click Apply
  3. In Python:

Bluetooth Problems

We have received reports that on some Macintosh computers the /dev/tty.scribbler port will sometimes change it's name to a /dev/tty.scribblerXX (where XX is a number). For example, /dev/tty.scribbler remains in the /dev/ directory, but does not connect to the scribbler robot, while /dev/tty.scribbler04 is the correct communications port to use when connecting to your robot. If you run into "A Bluetooth serial failure has occurred." and/or "Serial element not found." errors, please check for other entries in your /dev/ directory and try using the one with the highest number. You may have to delete your bluetooth serial port and re-add it to create a new entry that works.