Bluetooth Setup for Calico Myro on Windows7

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Set up your Robot

  • Insert 6 AA Batteries into the base of your Scribbler Robot.
    • Make sure these are new alkaline batteries or well-charged NiMH batteries!
    • Do not mix different types of batteries
    • Do not mix old batteries with new batteries
  • Before plugging in your Fluke, take note of the location of the Scribbler Robot's power switch: it's right next to the serial port on your Scribbler robot, near the words "Scribbler Robot"
  • Insert the IPRE Fluke into the serial port of the Scribbler Robot as shown in the picture below

Set up your Bluetooth Connection

  • Turn the scribbler power switch to on (on looks like a line | and off looks like a circle o). When you do so
    • The red power LED next to the power switch should turn on
    • The green Power LED on the fluke board should turn on
    • The scribbler should play a sound
  • If your computer doesn't have built in bluetooth, plug your Bluetooth USB Adapter into your computer
  • At the bottom right-hand corner of the Windows7 desktop, click the up arrow
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon, the right-most icon in this picture:
  • Select Add a device
  • A dialog will appear
  • On your fluke board there should be a little sticker with a serial number on it. Make a note of that number
  • After a while, you should get a window that says "Select the Bluetooth device that you want to add" at the top, and under that, a list of one (or more) devices. Click on the device that starts with the letters IPRE and ends with the serial number on your fluke sticker and hit next
  • You should see a screen that says Enter the device's pairing code. Type 1234 into the textbox, and select Next
  • To find out your COM port, click on Devices and Printers, and look under Services
  • Make a note of the COM port (COM4 in this example)
  • Click on the Cancel button of the Properties
  • Click on the Close button of the Adda device window
  • Start Calico, and connect onto your robot
    • from Myro import *
    • init("COM4")
    • Enter your 1234 PIN each time you connect onto your robot