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(Assignment 06)
('''Lab 06: Find the Pyramid Demos''')
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='''Lab 06: Find the Pyramid Demos''' =
='''Lab 07: Find the Pyramid Demos''' =
== Your Demo ==
== Your Demo ==

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Lab 07: Find the Pyramid Demos

Your Demo

You will give me a demo of the program you wrote to make your robot locate the bright orange pyramid in the lab and move towards it. ***Please Note: Your robot should be able to locate the pyramid even when your robot starts out in an orientation that is in not facing the pyramid.

Assignment 06

***Submit a copy of your program when you give me your demo

If anyone would like to submit a story for why their robot is searching for the pyramid (or even a backstory for their robot), I am giving out 4 bonus points for it! It could be whatever length you want (PLEASE avoid novels...). Primarily, it is an opportunity to make up some points if you need them.