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Introduction to CS110 Laboratory

The lab component of CS110 is designed to help reinforce fundamental concepts and theory in computer science. In the labs, you will design, implement and execute computer programs in python to carry out different tasks and to solve a variety of problems. Using your personal robots and gamepads you will explore topics in robotics, artificial intelligence, game design and music. The ultimate goal of these labs is to help you develop your problem solving, debugging and analytical skills.

Relevant Information

Lecture Website: CS110
Instructor: Douglas Blank
Office: Park 248
Office Hours: TBA
Email: dblank@cs.brynmawr.edu
Phone: (610)-526-6501
Lab Room: Park 231
Teaching Assistants: TA Schedule
Printer Issues: PrinterProblems


Please note: ALL Lab Assignments are due at the start of the following lab for the convenience of your peers. If the lab is assigned on Tuesday the 7th, then the assignment is due on Tuesday the 14th. No extensions, then no exceptions. ANYTHING HANDED IN AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL BE 1/2 CREDIT AT MAXIMUM. If you wish for an extension because of an emergency, then it must be established BEFORE THE DEADLINE. (You have been warned!)

Assignment Etiquette: Please be aware that collaboration with your peers is fine, but COPYING is NOT. Please keep your eyes on your own screen when discussing assignments. Thanks!

It is recommended that there be a HARD COPY (aka printout) of your lab in Julia's Mailbox outside of her office (rm 249) e-mail is not always reliable and the spam filter may decide your code is harmful, in which case your Lab will never be seen.

Bonus Points: If you have been granted bonus points for pretty or unique code that does the job, please e-mail the code so praised to Doug (dblank (at) cs (dot) brynmawr (dot) edu) so your peers may have examples of code other than the ones that I give in Lab.

Lab01: Getting Started with Python and Myro - Writing Programs, Defining Functions and Creating Modules in Python :: 10 points total

Lab 02: Function Function What's my Function? :: 10 points total

Lab 03: Building Robot Brains :: 10 points total (plus 1 bonus point)

Lab 04: Sensing the World and Making Decisions :: 9 points total (plus 1 bonus point)

Lab 05: Image Processing and Robot Vision :: 9 points total (plus 1 bonus point)

Lab 06: Find the Pyramid :: 10 points total

Lab 07: Find the Pyramid Demos :: (no work on midterm week) 3 points total (plus 4 bonus points)

Robot Demonstrations 2010

Spring Break

Lab 08: Making Photoshop Functions :: 9 points total

Lab 09: Graphics Part II: Objects in Graphics :: 9 points total (plus 4 bonus points)

Lab 10: Exploring Music  :: 10 points total (5 for presentation on next lab, 5 for the program)

Lab 11: Music Demos and The Game Pad: Part II :: 6 points total

Course Software

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