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NOTE: to use the local Calico languages folder, you need to have Calico version 2.0.12 or higher.

Calico first looks into its installation folders to load languages, and then to your local Calico folder. The languages in the global installation folder are for all users and you might not have permission to edit those files. If you are using a shared installation, you should add languages to your local Calico folder. However, if you are not using a shared Calico installation, then you can use the global installation folder for your own Calico Language folders. For a shared Calico installation, you should use your local Calico folder.

Your local Calico folder can be found:

  • On a Mac: /Users/yourID/.config/calico
  • On Windows: C:\Users\yourID\AppData\Roaming\calico\
  • On Linux: /home/yourID/.config/calico

NOTE: yourID above will be your name or login ID.

On Windows 7, the local Calico folder is in the "AppData" folder, which is a virtual folder. To get to it, you can type "%appdata%" in the Start menu, in the Search and files command box. This will bring up an Explorer window. Move to the "AppData\Roaming\calico" folder. On Mac and Linux, the local Calico folder is in your home directory in a folder named ".config/calico".