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Calico Logo

Welcome to the main Help page for Calico.

The Calico Project is a framework for learning, doing, and playing with computation. At its core is an integrated editor, interactive console, and social interaction framework for exploring computer science through modern, dynamic languages. It is designed to be a simple, yet powerful, integrated development environment (IDE) for students, teachers, researchers---and regular humans, too! It runs on most any operating system, including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. All sources for the Calico Project are open and free---freely available and you are free to use them in various ways.


  1. Calico: Getting Started
  2. Calico Overview
  3. Calico FAQ
  4. Calico: Whats New


  1. Calico Jigsaw - a drag and drop block language
  2. Calico Basic - Basic interpreter (uses Calico Modules, access to calico instance)
  3. Calico Logo - s simple language which has much of the same beauty and power of Lisp
  4. Calico Python - popular scripting language
  5. Calico Ruby - popular scripting language
  6. Calico Boo - similar to Python, but with types
  7. Calico Java - Testing a Java Interpreter
  8. Calico Scheme - a simple, modern language
  9. Calico FSharp - similar to OCaml and ML
  10. Calico Spreadsheet - a simple spreadsheet viewer and editor
  11. Calico BrainScrew - a very simple language
  12. Experimental Languages
    1. Calico Lua - a common language used for embedded systems, games, robotics, etc. (requires low-level Lua)
    2. Calico Dinah - drag and drop language (under development)
    3. Calico CSharp - interpreted C# (no functions or classes yet)


  1. Calico Processing - the Processing API brought to Calico. See also the Calico Processing Reference.
  2. Calico Graphics - 2D graphics and physics
    • Calico Python GIS - functions for Geographic Information System (GIS) experiments
    • Low-level Graphics Toolkit - for menus, buttons, and other GUI interface, use Calico Gtk
  3. Calico Myro - robots and more
  4. Calico Kinect - interface to the Kinect, through Kinect server running on Windows
  5. Calico Math - collection of math functions
  6. Calico Adruino - talk to Arduino board interactively; see
  7. Calico Csv - comma-separated value files (spreadsheets)


  1. Calico User's forum - searchable
  2. Calico Developer's mailing list
  3. Calico Bugs - Current shortlist
  4. Report Issue