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This page describes the planning of Pyjama Editor and Shell. The Pyjama IDE is a cross-platform environment for learning about computing. This is part of the Pyjama Project.

svn co Pyjama


  1. Serial Connection to Fluke and Scribbler (C#, modules/Myro/Myro.cs)
  2. Pixel manipulation, (C#, modules/Graphics/Graphics.cs; see Pixbuf)
  3. Missing shapes: Point, Circle, Rect, Oval, Circle, Text (C#, modules/Graphics/Graphics.cs)
  4. Doesn't ask to save files on Quit
  5. Add Escape button, keypress handler to stop processing (and robot?)
  6. Need search/replace in editor
  7. Get Dinah working
    1. read classes, methods, params and return values from DLL
    2. drag and drop
    3. save/read file format
    4. execute file
  8. Allow Scheme to access DLR classes/modules
  9. Provide "Hint" links to wiki page on error
  10. Log student time/events for analysis
  11. Find Libraries for text-to-speech, gamepad, 3D graphics, music, etc


  1. Most menu items missing (Python, src/, src/
  2. Toolbar buttons don't do anything ?!
  3. Write do_together
  4. Undo and dirty indicator (asterisks next to filename of notebook tab) need to start fresh on file open
  5. Need move_to_top, move_to_bottom (for Shape objects in modules/Graphics/Graphics.cs)
  6. Unify graphics move/rotate (use Cairo rotate/translate or adjust our own points)

Screen Shots


For more, see PyjamaScreenShots


If you have any trouble, find bugs, or want to make a feature request, please do that at: