Class 4: March 28, 2008

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Today's class was put together to be a review of whatever the students had learned so far. In order to put everything together, today's class was only an activity.

Three zones were created and each of them held pictures explaining the kind of geographical area the zone is. The students were to type commands that would take their robots inside each of the zones, take pictures inside the zone and save it. Then they were to work together to figure out what each of the zones were.

Most of the students enjoyed today's activity. Typing commands to take their robots to the zones and taking photos was the favorite part of class today. 70% of the students liked their robots. The 30% who didn't like or thought it was okay were the ones who probably faced some sort of hardware issues = they were finding it difficult to control it or because it wasn't moving in a straight line. 70% of the students found moving their robots in a straight line most challenging.

More details on survey results:

1)Favorite part of class:

 - Steering robot
 - Taking pictures

2)Least favorite part of class:

 - Liked everything they did in class.
 - Steering the robot; working with others to guess the zones.

3)69.2% liked their robots (because it worked). The ones who did not like it was because the robot would not move in a straight line. 4)60% liked this class more than last class, while 30% did not. 5)85% are excited for the next class.

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