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This page contains lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, and activity suggestions to assist you with teaching CS 1 with Robots. The material is loosely organized following the outline of the IPRE textbook, but you are encouraged to mix and match. Lecture notes are provided for teachers who like to program in front of their class and work examples in python live or on the board. Powerpoint slides can be a useful starting point for your own prepared lectures. In class activities are useful for small classes or lab/recitation sections. If you find problems with or make improvements to any of these materials we would love to incorporate your changes, please email [Jay Summet] with your improvements.



Tutorials & Videos

Lecture Notes, PPTs, Videos,and Example Assignments

Topic Powerpoint Lecture Notes Activities/Resources Assignments
Introduction to Computing Media:ShortHistoryOfComputing.ppt CS110:Lab01
Introduction to the Robot
Variables, Types & MathMedia:variablesTypesMath.pptMedia:VariablesTypesMath.pdf
Robot SensorsMedia:robotSensors.ppt Sensor-Video.mpeg RobotColorArena.pdf
Behavior based ControlMedia:behavior.pptMedia:behaviors.pyw Behaviors1.mpeg Behaviors2.mpeg
Images & Computer VisionMedia:images.ppt media:findWall.pyw cv1.mpeg cv2.mpeg cv3.mpeg media:findYellowWall.doc RobotColorArena.pdf
Reading Barcodes Media:Barcodes.ppt media:scan_barcodes.pyw media:barcode_color.gif media:BarcodesAE.doc barcode1.mpeg barcodes2.mpeg barcodes3.mpeg Free Barcode Generator [
Mid-Class Python ReviewMedia:python-review1.ppt Media:python-review2.ppt review1.mpeg review2.mpeg
JavaScript for Python programmers Media:javascript-python.ppt

GATech PowerPoint Template: Media:lecture-template.ppt. We recommend the VLC Player to view the MPEG4 video files.

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