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This pages lists the issues with the current Learning Computing with Robots: Uses Calico Python + Scribbler or Scribbler2

Errata 2011

  1. Page vi (and throughout): it might be more clear if the Fluke isn't defined as a dongle, but the USB is. Otherwise, most people will have two dongles to distinguish. Perhaps call it a "board"...
  2. Page vi: MACOS is usually Mac OSX
  3. Page viii: define IDE
  4. Page 7: maybe mention rather than
  5. Page 12: consider using TIME in forward(SPEED, TIME) ...
  6. Page 51, 53: speak(..., 0) the zero isn't necessary as it is the default
  7. Page 63 (and throughout): bad quotes (Word non-ascii) in example code
  8. Page 68, 100: telling forward(1.0) in a loop doesn't do anything, perhaps:
    for t in timer(3.0):
    if randomNumber() < .5:
  9. Page 76: random and randint relay on importing random; randomNumber() is in Myro
  10. Page 81: "Several devices (or sensors) are located on the Scribbler (see picture on the previous page)". There is no picture.
  11. Page 83: top image: What is "line" and what is "ir"? Presumably, "ir" refers to the proximity sensors mentioned on the previous page.
  12. Page 83: middle image: Does "right" refer to the "obstacle" sensor? Why doesn't the image show the left sensor? P. 90, _290_: The center obstacle sensor is not labeled.
  13. Page 86, 100, 103: timeRemaining no longer exists in Myro.
  14. Page 86, 89, 290: Since the Scribbler 2 was shown on p. 7, it makes sense to normalize all images to the "2". If not, each image should have a label as to which version it is from. This isn't important if the two robots are indistinguishable externally except for the color; if that is true it should be explicitly pointed out.
  15. Page 87: The range of the virtual camera sensors is not given.
  16. Page 89: "The positions 0 and 1 correspond to the left, center, and right sensors." Not consistent.
  17. Page 95: "(see picture on right)". It would be clearer if the parenthetical expression appeared after "basic game pad" and that some other expression like ("labeled FWD, BKWD, Left, Right") appeared after "axis controller". OK, I see that the picture on the right probably refers to the picture on p. 96; if this is the intention, the expression still needs to clarified.
  18. Page 122: sometimes ask("What port?") is used to get a comport, sometimes just a number; should NOT assume "com" as that is a windows-only thing
  19. Page 125: getStall() won't work if the robot isn't moving
  20. Consider using int(ask()) instead of int(ask()) or float(ask()) as that makes it more clear what it is doing.
  21. Page 158: "remember to import Graphics" -> should be 'remember to "from Graphics import *"'
  22. Page 158: you can also getColorNames() rather than Google
  23. Page 159: you can use Dot(p)
  24. Page 168: computer.beep() doesn't currently work
  25. Page 176: Point() doesn't have anything to do with the Window, just with objects
  26. Page 176: Polygon() doesn't take a list, just points
  27. Page 184: Can't currently save a single image as a gif, only a list
  28. Page 186: missing quote on "black
  29. Page 187: setRGB(pixel, (0, 0, 0)) should be setRGB(pixel, 0, 0, 0) [can't seem to fix in Graphics/Myro source code!]
  30. Page 218: missing "import copy"?
  31. Page 277: "That is, execution of subsequent commands can be done prior to the text being spoken." should be: "That is, execution of subsequent commands can be done while the text is being spoken."