Firmware Upgrade

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This page details the program for upgrading the Fluke and Scribbler and Scribbler2 robots to use the latest Myro firmware, over Bluetooth.

  1. Download and save to a known location.
  2. Double-click on the file, or:
    1. Open a console/terminal window.
    2. cd to the known location
    3. Enter at the console prompt:
      • python

Command Line Options

Fluke and Scribbler/Scribbler2 Upgrade Program
   python --url=URL --port=PORT WHAT

     URL - (optional) is an internat address to use
     PORT - (optional) is the serial port address to use
     WHAT - (optional) is scribbler OR fluke


   python fluke
   python scribbler
   python --port=COM5 fluke
   python --port=/dev/rfcomm3 scribbler
   python --url= fluke
   python --help