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This page links to videos made by students that demonstrate various aspects of using Python, Myro and the Robot. You may find it useful to watch more than one video on a specific topic to get a full understanding of the issue.

Myro install - Windows Vista

Myro install on Vista - [1]

How to Install Myro on Windows Vista - [2]

Myro install - Windows XP

How to Install Myro in Windows XP - [3]

How to Install Myro on Windows XP - [4]

How to Install Myro on Windows XP - [5]

Myro Install - Gentoo Linux

How to install Myro and configure Bluetooth on Gentoo Linux - [6]

General Python Debugging

How to debug python -[7]

Syntax error debugging - [8]

Correcting a semantic Error - Detecting Palindromes - [9]

Debugging OR statements - [10]

Fixing Syntax errors in IDLE - [11]

Fixing Syntax errors - [12]

Using Dictonary's and Format Strings - [13]

Using the Robot

Write a program that causes the Robot to search for Darkness - [14]

How to write a simple program that uses the camera and light sensors - [15]

Detecting Obstacles with the Scribbler - [16]

How to Calibrate the Scribbler - [17]

Special FX with the Camera

Special FX - Crossfade - [18]

Special FX - Text on Image - [19]

Special FX - Color Tint - [20]

Miscellaneous Videos

Configure IDLE to use different colors/fonts - [21]

Configuring Windows XP so that double clicking on a python file will show you the output - [22]