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ICalico is a new method of interacting with Calico. In addition, a host of new functionality is available.


  1. . Install IPython
  2. . Install Calico
    • [Calico Download]
  3. . Create a profile
    • StartCalico --create-profile
  4. . Start IPython with Calico profile
    • ipython notebook --profile calico

A web page should open up which will allow you to enter scripts and Calico "magic" commands.

For an introduction to this manner of interacting with programs, please see:




ICalico magics are "meta" commands that are commands for the ICalico system, and not part of any language.

  • One preceding percent sign indicates a "magic line command"
  • Two preceding percent signs indicates a "magic cell command"
  • Three preceding percent sign indicates a "magic notebook command"
%connect_info       - show ICalico JSON connection information
%edit FILENAME      - edit a file in an external editor
%%file FILENAME     - create a filename with contents of cell
%%html              - treat the cell as HTML
%lang               - get information on current language
%%lang LANGUAGE     - change language for just this cell
%%%lang LANGUAGE    - change language for rest of cells
%magic              - get information on magic meta-commands
%qtconsole          - start a qtconsole
%run FILENAME       - run a file (language determined by extension)
%%time              - time how long it takes to run this cell