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Upgrading Your Fluke

If you are using version 2.5.0 or later of the IPRE Fluke firmware (All new flukes sold via Amazon have version 2.7.4 by default), then you need only Start Python and issue the commands:

>>> upgrade("fluke")  

Manual Fluke Upgrade

If you have an older version (version 2.4 or earlier) of the IPRE Fluke firmware, then you will need to directly connect to the Fluke with a null-modem serial cable, provide an external power supply (a 9v battery will work), download the .hex file, and download and run the program . Note that you will only have to do the serial connection once with the older version, after which you can simply do (A) above.

  1. Get http://myro.roboteducation.org/packages/lpc21isp-ipre-win.zip
  2. Unzip and place contents in directory, unzip lpc21isp-ipre-win.zip
  3. Get the latest hex file from http://myro.roboteducation.org/upgrade/fluke and save in same directory as main.hex

Finally, run one of the following commands (or a variation of it):

lpc21isp-ipre.exe -control main.hex /dev/tty.usbserial 38400 20000
lpc21isp-ipre.exe -control main.hex com1 38400 20000

Detailed Instructions for (B):

  1. Connect your Fluke via serial cable to the computer. Your serial cable will need a "null-modem" adapter to swap the control and data lines correctly. Also hook up a power line to your Fluke. A standard 9 volt battery will provide enough voltage/current. (the +ve and -ve ends of the battery connecting to the 11th and 12th pins of the connector on the fluke board.)
  2. Download program found at http://myro.roboteducation.org/packages/lpc21isp-ipre-win.zip. Make sure to save program to desktop. (If you need to unzip, right click the downloaded folder and choose "Explore". You may need to 'open containing folder' & then "Explore".)
  3. Download main.hex file at http://myro.roboteducation.org/upgrade/fluke and save to desktop (as main.hex).
  4. Open the console (Start --> Run --> type 'cmd').
  5. In the console, type "cd desktop" .
  6. Copy the command in (B) above that is appropriate for your computer OS (first command is for Linux, second is for Windows).
  7. Paste it in the console (you will need to right-click & select "paste"; keyboard commands don't work in the console) and hit "Enter". The new Fluke hardware should begin loading!

The source code for the above can be found:


Hacking the Fluke

More information on Hacking the Fluke

Fluke problems

Low Light Images If your fluke is producing images like the one below, it's not a problem, you just need to give it more light! What is happening is that some light is leaking through the back of the circuit board and the image sensor. The black spots you see are wires behind the image sensor chip. Take the fluke to a well lit environment (florescent lights in a classroom, or outdoors during the day) and enough light will come into the lens so that the light from the back won't register. [You can also put a piece of black electrical tape on the fluke behind the camera to help this problem if you want to take pictures in dark situations.] Blue blob.jpg