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(A) If you are using version 0.5 or later of the IPRE Fluke, then you need only Start Python and issue the commands:

>>> from myro import *
>>> upgrade("fluke", pickAFolder())   #Then you must pick the main.hex file in the menu that pops up.

(B) If you have an older version (version 4.0 or earlier) of the IPRE Fluke, then you will need to directly connect to the Fluke with a serial cable, provide an external power supply, and download and run the program http://myro.roboteducation.org/~dblank/lpc21isp-ipre-win.zip. Note that you will only have to do the serial connection once with the older version, after which you can simply do (A) above.

unzip lpc21isp-ipre-win.zip
lpc21isp-ipre.exe -control main.hex /dev/tty.usbserial 38400 20000
lpc21isp-ipre.exe -control main.hex com1 38400 20000

The source code for the above can be found:


Detailed Instructions for (B):

  1. Connect your Fluke via serial cable to the computer, and also hook up a power line to your Fluke.
  2. Download & run program found at http://myro.roboteducation.org/~dblank/lpc21isp-ipre-win.zip. Make sure to save program to desktop. (To unzip, right click the downloaded folder and choose "Explore". You may need to 'open containing folder' & then "Explore".)
  3. Download main.hex file and save to desktop (as main.hex).
  4. Open the console (Start --> Run --> type 'cmd').
  5. In the console, type "cd desktop" .
  6. Copy the command in (B) above that is appropriate for your computer OS (first command is for Linux, second is for Mac, third is for Windows).
  7. Paste it in the console (you will need to right-click & select "paste"; keyboard commands don't work in the console) and hit "Enter". The new Fluke hardware should begin loading!